UberTheme Data Migration Pro:

UB Data Migration Pro is a Magento 2 module that helps you effectively move your e-Commerce store data from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.

Since Magento 2 comes with a brand new architecture and database design, the UB Data Migration Pro is a great starting point to ease your Magento data migration process, and saves you tons of work. It provides the ability to port all your key products, customers, order data, store configurations etc., to Magento 2.

Since UB Data Migration Pro deals with direct database to database migration only, other perspectives like extensions, themes or customisation would be a separated task and would be best handled by the extension/theme providers accordingly.

We highly recommend you proceed database migration first. From there, you integrate your theme, extensions or customization (if any).

Main Features

  • (NEW) Supports Command-Line Interface (CLI) commands: Allows to proceed migration steps using the command lines in CLI mode, after completing all pre-migration setting steps.
  • (NEW) Support Delta Migration (Incremental changes)
  • Possibility to migrate multiple times
  • (NEW) Support the PHP Memcached (a high-performance object caching system)
  • Migrate Websites, Stores, Store views (Allow to merge default Magento 1 website - including default store of default website & default store view of default store - into existing default Magento 2 website)
  • Migrate Product Attribute Sets, Product Attribute Groups, Product Attributes
  • Migrate Product Categories recursively (full category trees)
  • Migrate Products (Simple Products, Configurable Products, Grouped Products, Virtual Products, Bundle Products and Downloadable Products)
  • Migrate Customer Groups and Customers
  • Migrate Sales Data: Sales Orders, Sales Quote, Sales Payments, Sales Invoices, Sales Shipments, Sales Credit Memo, Sales Rules & Coupons
  • Migrate Produ