Taxi application Android solution + Dashboard:

A fully featured taxi application offering a feature-set offering standard features a taxi service business might need. Using Websocket it does the bidirectional connection needed for a taxi service fast and stable.

Rider Application

  • Wizard like UX for pickup point and destination selection
  • Select services with fees defined in back-end dashboard
  • Real-time location of driver during travel
  • Request operator call or direct call if needed. (Both optional)
  • Write review on trip
  • Use predefined coupons to get discounts on service’s price
  • Details of in-app credit transaction available to view
  • See message sent by admin for promotional, news & etc. purposes
  • Top up account credit before or during travel
  • Pay the fee of travel in cash or credit

Driver Application

  • Switch between available & unavailable states
  • Requests shown as cards that show some information about travel before accepting
  • Google Maps Powered API Estimate travel’s fee by taking both time duration and distance of travel into account
  • Ability to cancel travel before starting the travel
  • Ability to let know that driver has reached the pickup location or call
  • Logs of every transaction detail is available for driver


  • Dashboard Showing current online drivers and some statistics about platform’s general state
  • Drivers/Riders Showing details of drivers and riders
  • Travels Viewing and searching for travel details
  • Coupons Define new coupon codes that your users can use to get discounts on their travels
  • Promotions Send promotional messages to your users in order to increase engagement rate
  • Payment Requests Request of drivers for payment is shown and you can select and mark them as done which will automatically reduce driver’s cr