Layered Navigation Extension for Magento 2:

As a shop owner, I am sure that you always want to bring convenience for customer. Layer navigation for Magento 2 is one of the most useful functions for your e-commerce website that you must have it to get more sales. It narrows product arrangement as search function. However, your category is showed in side bar with list products bellow, customer can shrink or expand this list by the plus or minus sign. Your website will bring the best shopping experience with Layer navigation for Magento 2.


Many benefits below will show reasons why your site should get it:

  • You will not define the value of Layer navigation for Magento 2 when you get it on your site. With reasonable price, your website is more friendly and conveniently than others competitors. Main features of this extension as instantly suggest results, configure products’ details easily, sort products by different criteria with easily customize pop-up skin and hide “out stock” products.
  • Moreover, shop owner can configure e-commerce website easily. Just some adjustment manipulations, you will get a wish product navigation list. This thing gives much value for your website that enhances experience shopping for your beloved customers. It is really an extremely extension for Magento 2 – a latest version nowadays.


  • Search by product attributes: Look at the filter panel and make the desired product clear with Category, Style, Size, Color and more. Buyer can get the interesting items in the shortest time instead of walking around.
  • Multi select Attributes: Each product attributes provides multi-choices and the customers are allowed to filter by one or more values at the same time. It will load results which is suitable with your options.
  • Ajax Loading page: Layered Navigation supports Ajax Loading page which makes all of the matching results app