Crea8social Pro:


  • News Feed - News feed plugin allow your members to post picture,videos,polls e.t.c
  • Tag Friend - You can tag your friends in a post or photos of yours or your friends
  • Post Background - Crea8social let your members to use the new post background technology in their posts to beautify their post
  • Photos/Videos module - Let your members to upload photos,videos and share with friends
  • Instant Messaging - Your members can chat with each other and can also see who's online
  • Video / Audio Call - Crea8social let your members to video / audio call with their friends with our premium video call plugin
  • Polls Directory - Let your members to create polls and allow their friends to vote
  • Push Notification - With push notification your members will never miss any events on their account
  • Group Module - Crea8social let your members to join,create group and share similar things
  • Business Page Module - Let your members to create their business page on your network
  • Live Video Streaming - With our premium Live video plugin Your members can start live video streaming with crea8social
  • Games Module - Your members can play games on your network with our game module
  • CDN Storage - Content Delivery Network is very important in social network system, that why we have that available for you to store your members assets in a CDN Storage like Amazon s3 or your own hosted CDN Storage
  • Social Integration - With our social integration your members can signup with their social accounts and with our premium social publisher they auto publish post to facebook, twitter
  • Forum - Still forum system is important in social network, with our forum plugin your members can create threads and discuss similar ideas
  • Event Module - Create let your members to create e