Ajax Search Suggest and Auto Complete for Magento 2:

Product Specification of Ajax Search Suggest and Auto Complete for Magento 2

It is great if your site gets a beautiful theme but it is not enough for customer experience. User-friendly is also the important factor. Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest Extension for Magento 2 is one of the indispensable things that help the customer find what they need in the shortest way.

Although shop owner gets a powerful mega menu, butlooking for the suitable product will be quite difficult for customers if there are a huge number of the item on a site.This extension brings Search function with auto complete and suggests, therefore this is the best tool to find a product. With calling out suggested items, the system constantly shows results quickly with product’s information on the drop-down list. Your website is more friendly and convenient to make customers comfortable when purchasing products online.


Many benefits below will show reasons why your site should get it:

  • Ajax Search Extension for Magento 2 provides a smart search extension for your website with Autocomplete and Suggestion. Just few seconds, customers will have wish results with calling out suggest words.
  • The buyers will not meet any trouble to look for what they want. Results will be show on drop-down list with image, information of product which help the customer choose suitable items.
  • Furthermore, customer can search keyword by category field that help them narrow range search.
  • This extension not only makes buyers comfortable when searching product, but also brings easy installation for admin with simple set up steps.


  • Smarter and Instant Search: When your customers search any word in search box, it will return relevant results in a dropdown list within milliseconds.
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